Why This Program is Crucial


I am someone who spent years making a living from her creative work. I had bestselling books, numerous articles out there and had appeared repeatedly on TV (for specifics, click here).

But that’s not why you should listen to me.

You should listen to me because DESPITE THAT, in 2010, I found myself unable to make a living anymore from my creative work.

Not because I wasn’t willing to do everything in my power to make it happen.

Not because my luck had run out.

Because THE WORLD HAD CHANGED and what I had been doing was no longer effective.

Between 2005 and 2012, my book advances went from $50,000 to $2,000; my freelance writing rate went from $2/word to, well, $50 a story if I was lucky; hundreds of magazines went under.

Essentially, publishing broke.

At the same time, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a plethora of other social media networks took off; self-publishing became legit; “influencers” became the new gate-keepers; podcasts changed the PR game; and finally blogs and Medium opened up the chance of being discovered as a writer from an elite group to anyone.

ANYONE, that is, who understood that the secret is not waiting for audiences to find us.

The SECRET is for us to find our audience.

This is good and bad news.

Bad news first: it’s not easy. It takes some time and a very specific method.

Now the good news: this course is designed to teach you exactly that.